KnowMySlots Blog Series: How to answer US Student Visa interview questions? 

Question 1: Why have you chosen this particular University?

Welcome to the first post of the “KnowMySlots Blog Series,” where we aim to demystify the US student visa interview process, one question at a time. At KnowMySlots, we understand the mix of excitement and anxiety that comes with preparing for your visa interview. It’s a pivotal step on your journey to studying in the United States, and we’re here to ensure you’re well-prepared.

Question 1: Why Have You Chosen This Particular University?

One of the most common questions you can expect during your US student visa interview is, “Why have you chosen this particular university?” This question seems straightforward but answering it requires thoughtful preparation. The consular officer is looking to assess your intentions and confirm that you are a genuine student who has made informed decisions about your education.

### Incorrect Ways to Answer

Vague Responses: “It’s a good university” or “Because it’s in the US.” Such answers fail to demonstrate your genuine interest or the research you’ve done.

Focusing Solely on Rankings or Location: While the university’s prestige and location can be factors, they shouldn’t be the sole reasons you mention.

Unpreparedness: Showing lack of knowledge about the university’s programs, faculty, or resources indicates a lack of genuine interest.

### Correct Ways to Answer

Specific and Personalized: Highlight specific aspects of the university’s program that align with your academic goals or career aspirations. Mention faculty members you admire or specific courses you’re excited about.

How It Fits Your Career Path: Explain how studying at this university is a step towards your career goals. Connect the dots between the program and your future.

Demonstrate Your Contribution: Mention how you plan to contribute to the university community, whether through clubs, organizations, or your research interests.

### Sample Answer

“I chose the University of XYZ primarily for its innovative Environmental Science program, which aligns perfectly with my career goal of becoming a climate change analyst. I’m particularly impressed by the research work of Dr. Smith on sustainable urban development, an area I’m eager to explore. Additionally, the university’s partnership with local environmental agencies offers practical learning experiences that are unparalleled. My decision was further solidified after attending a webinar hosted by the admissions office, which gave me insights into the supportive student community and extensive academic resources that I believe are crucial for my academic and personal growth.”

### Conclusion

When preparing your answer to why you’ve chosen a particular university, remember to be specific, show genuine interest, and connect it to your academic and career goals. Your answer should reflect a well-thought-out decision-making process and an understanding of how the university fits into your larger educational aspirations.

Stay tuned for more insights in the “KnowMySlots Blog Series,” as we tackle more US student visa interview questions to help you prepare confidently and ace your interview.


By approaching the question from these angles, not only do you demonstrate your seriousness about your studies, but you also show that you’re a well-prepared and informed candidate, increasing your chances of a successful visa interview. Remember, the goal of your answers should always be to affirm your status as a genuine student with clear academic and professional goals.

We are glad we could help! With this handy guide and a sprinkle of determination, you’re well on your way to securing your US student visa and unlocking a world of academic possibilities. So pack your bags, grab your textbooks, and get ready to chase your American dream – the visa gateway is open! We at KnowMySlots are the OneStopDestination for all visa related services!

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